Creative Expression – The Crossroads

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Good morning. Technically, I wrote this on the 1st of April.. but, to make sure people wouldn’t mistake this for a April Fools’ joke, I’ve decided to make it public today!



Creativity. That was something I used to say more proudly that I had within myself. Though I used to draw more often, create characters easily and develop entire worlds and stories out of thin air; refining those along the years.. I can’t say that’s the case currently.

It’s to no surprise for those that follow my content and posts, as little as that number actually is since I do not create content that resonates with a more visible audience. What I’ve always created publicly has been based on things that I enjoy or concern me.. rather than generating content for the sake of pleasing and attracting a larger gathering of followers or subscribers.

There has been no direction to the things I post nowadays. No obvious goal or motive behind my channels, website and social media. What was once an attempt to make my own art, stories and characters public for everyone to enjoy; has dissolved itself to posts about politics, silly things that I find amusing and sharing my own predicaments. There has been no art, no drawings, no stories to tell. Only opinions, from a voice that should probably just stay silent and allow the “grown ups to do the talking” while cheer-leading from behind the voices of reason. With likes, shares, subscriptions, comments and so on.


I should know better by now, as someone of my own age, to not behave this carelessly online on my public accounts. I should had kept myself to drawing and sharing stories. Again, that was the original idea when I created the pseudonym “SapphyDe90”. To focus on art, to be genuine yet kind. I guess the “art” and “kindness” got lost somewhere, leaving only the brutal honesty to the public. Unfiltered.. for most part. Lax. Perhaps naive, which is something that goes against what I am in reality.. though it is true that I can act quite childish. Personally, I don’t mind being childish on some aspects, as long I’m mature where it actually matters.


More and more I’ve thought to myself what to do with this pseudonym. I’ve been less motivated to draw as time passes by. Yet I’ve been felling the pressure to express my creativity somehow. It pains me that, at the age of 26 (nearly 27), I’m here thinking about what I want to do when “I grow up”. In this case, what type of artist I want to be. Again. I thought I had that set on stone, I was doing well with my art style. My stories and universes were, in my humble biased opinion, well developed and it’s a shame I never shared not even a single one to a wider audience, in a more complete sense! But, alas, people know that I’m changing. It’s a long process, that I’m quite enjoying the results that have been surprising me. But this is not the post to talk about my transition..


It irks me that I haven’t found myself time to properly think about what direction I want to take. How to express my creativity. I look at the time, as it flicks by. Appointments, work, resting, feeling like the worst person ever for rarely paying attention to my friends as of late. I come home, hardly feeling like doing anything productive at all. No time to think about the future.. except the treatment or the job that I have. Sometimes thinking that I should probably take time to do that one thing or another that is also important; which I do end up doing, occupying more of my time and continuing to postpone any actual attempt to find a new way to express myself.

But where is the time to think about how to express my creativity? This has been one of the most important aspects of my life, to expose my stories, settings and characters to the world; to make people feel and to make them think. To watch and smile when I see people coming up with their own interpretations. Perhaps even broaden a few minds. To also learn from the criticism, to learn more about myself and others.


It’s true, I’m an introvert. I’ve always been more of a listener rather than someone that talks and, while I do enjoy being with my friends, social gatherings drain me rather than invigorating. Since I’m a listener and an observer in nature, environments that produce a lot of stimuli tend to tire me easily.. given that I pay attention to every detail and really think about those details, unlike extroverts. And when there’s too many things going on, it’s no wonder that I get often lost thinking about everything around me. Which is why my definition of resting is.. not engaging with anyone and do my own thing for a while. As such, I spend most of my time soul-searching!

I dwell with emotions rather than facts, though I do appreciate (quite a lot) those that can provide facts. With facts provided by trustworthy sources, I tend to interprete how those facts affect society and the people around me. Psychology and emotions.. the human mind fascinates me and I feel that my role in society is to provide some form of guidance and emotional support. To look at society, or part of it, take note of these patterns and think abstractly about what is the passion and emotions behind the actions and words of groups and individuals. It’s not about what people stand for, say or do. But why are they acting that way? What is really going on, what do they fear, what do they actually believe?

While facts are necessary, and I do hold facts above any type of belief, I feel that the best way to tackle the issues in society is to appeal to the passions and emotions of the individuals interested in listening to the aid that I can provide. Instead of being blunt and talk about the issues and facts, I would rather express my concerns and opinions publicly by the use of symbolism, storytelling and art. What if’s, fiction, abstract. Characters, groups, universes that reflect the emotions and passions that are relatable to our own reality, daily life and current events.

That’s the type of artist I am and has been dormant of late.



When I was a child, I wanted to be an Obstetrician. Yes, I know. I was a child that, when people used to ask what I wanted to be in adulthood, I would say “I want to be a doctor that delivers babies”. Considering everything, it makes sense why I would say such a specific, yet silly thing.

I don’t think the passion behind it changed at all.. it simply took another path to reach the same goal. To nurture. When I look at everything that I’ve done and continue to passionately talk about, it becomes clearer. Why an Obstetrician? Why storytelling? Why art? Why did I chose to draw cartoons? Because I probably realized, at a really young age, that I couldn’t have children of my own.. at least the way I’ve always desired. Perhaps, before undergoing this treatment I’m currently in; drawing, storytelling and becoming an obstetrician was my way to make manifest my desire to be a mother. To teach, to love, to help someone grow and become a better person.


Perhaps the question is not how will I express my creativity.. but how can I nurture others? And it becomes clearer!

I don’t want to make hasty decisions. I really want to continue my treatment and reach a point that I know I’m emotionally and psychologically settled enough to decide how will I do just that. When I asked that question to myself, a few ideas came to mind. But I’m not on estrogen yet.. it’s best to wait and decide once everything becomes even more obvious.



Thank you for reading this, dear reader and here’s an advise.. analise your desires and passions, your motivations and feelings. If you have never done that honestly and with time, consider doing it.. you’ll be surprised~


Major Status Update (January 29th 2017)


(How basic can you get with a featured image?)

Good evening!

This is an improvised blog post, in order for those that visit my website, learn of the major news I have to share about the future of my content. Specifically, my drawings!


As you are aware, I drew almost nothing during this month. And the reason is quite simple..

I’m becoming a different person than I was. Emotionally, psychologically. My HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), though it has been a month and a half, it has changed me on those aspects. And the way that I express my creativity is a little different now, and it is showing signs that it will continue changing for a while. As silly as it may sound, I can no longer replicate my art-style the way I used to. In fact, it has become much harder to do so. There has been little motivation to draw and, when I do so, the results have been bellow what I used to deem acceptable. They have been mediocre, terrible. Garbage. Embarrassing!

During a whole month, I was only able to produce this. There’s sooo much wrong in that drawing that I took a few hours to muster enough courage to click that “Submit” button on both my DeviantArt and Tumblr accounts, sharing on my Facebook and Twitter.


That’s correct. The HRT is affecting my creativity and the way that I express it. Which has lead me to decide and announce that I’ll be taking a big break from drawing in general. I have a drawing tablet. I’ve decided that, during this long break, I’ll be developing a new art-style that better suits my new form of creative expression and “dropping the mouse” once and for all. It will take a few months, I’ll be waiting to see what the Estrogen will also do when the time comes, instead of assuming that I’m only going to be affected emotionally and psychologically by the Antiandrogens I’m taking currently over the last month and a half.

If you want to stay updated, be sure to follow me on Twitter OR Facebook.

In the meantime, I’ll stick to my political commentaries, blogging and gaming (I might start streaming stuff or make gaming related videos)
Thank you for reading and I apologize for the lack of art during this month and the few others to follow. I hope that my reasons I’ve provided have allowed you to understand why.


.Graveyard – Teaser Animation (WIP)


Hello Everyone! As I’ve posted on my twitter and facebook, I have hinted that I’m working on a teaser for the project I’m working on! It’s still going to take a while until it’s finished but.. I’m proud of this one. I really am, though I do give credit to any true animator out there. Animation IS hard and long.. and can get tedious sometimes! But if you really believe in your project, in your animation, you can go to places you thought you couldn’t, as an artist.

Either way, I take this opportunity to also update, those that visit this website often, about the current state of the project.


As those close to me know; my plan was, before I started to draw the series of comics related to this setting, to create a close circle of experienced Roleplayers in order to refine the plots and the story that will be told along the way to everyone that’s interested. The keyword here is was. Given a few circumstances that I’d rather not dwell on publicly, there will be no Roleplay. For now at least. It was one of the many outcomes that I was expecting it could happen but no harm towards the project itself. In fact, this will speed up the project a little! This is why, in projects like these, you always need a plan B.

Given the lack of Roleplay, it gave me time to work on a teaser for those that don’t know about this project. An animated teaser. The teaser will be ready once it’s ready, though I’m aiming to release it still in 2016 or, at worst, January 2017. As for the actual first comic, I still have until this teaser is released to give a proper day. Though I’m thinking about either March or April to start releasing a single page every week. The fact I’m waiting until March or April (don’t quote me on this for the love of everything that is right. I’m still thinking about my own schedule and full time day job. I’m not getting paid for this large project to invest my full time on this!) just so I can start drawing a good number of pages beforehand. Making it so that, while the pages are being released, I’m already working on other many pages!


Anyway, be sure to follow my twitter or facebook page (twitter’s for small updates and shitposts/retweets.. sometimes political, sorry!) to get all the updates about the teaser. I do want to keep it mostly a surprise because.. this is my first actual animation (besides the little things I’ve done in my life on that field). And this animation will surprise plenty of people who may not know I was able to do videos like these. And also! If you’re really interested in this project, register an account on this website and share your thoughts on the forum I’ve created!

I hope this also explains why my DeviantArt page has been quiet and will remain so just for a few more weeks…


Remember! To see more information about this project, visit the following link: http://sapphyde90.com/graveyard-project/



.Graveyard – Expressions and Slang 101



This list of words and expressions will be updated slowly and along the way. Be sure to visit this post when you hear a word or expression that you are not entirely sure what it means. Use CTRL+F (or whatever shortcut or menu option you may have to search for certain keywords) to find the word or expression easily.


Admin – The ones that rule over the .Graveyard. Almost godlike beings, angelic. They maintain, create, exercise the rules, destroy and make changes to whatever Server or Avatar they decide to. (For more information, click here).

Avatars – The main inhabitants of the .Graveyard. They live eternally and are rebooted (see reboot(ed)) on their thousandth year. (For more information, click here).

Cooney – Slang. Derogatory term used for Avatars who are perceived as insane conspiracy theorists (see theorists). Looney Avatars.

Day – A Day (with a capital D) is a method of counting time. It is a period of time equal to a thousand years. (For more information, click here and read “What time and day is it?”).

Eliminate – Admins (see Admin) are the only ones that can kill an Avatar permanently. Such process is not called murder or assassination, but elimination. (For more information, click here and read “Never negotiate. Our rules, always”).

Faction Loyalist (or just Loyalist) – A general expression used for an Avatar that has dedicated themselves to a single large group of Avatars under a single banner. (For more information, click here and read “The Faction Loyaltists”, under “So many Avatars, so many cultures”).

Friends’ List – A personal list of Avatars that an Avatar has access to on their own mind and a thought away to gaze at it with their own psych. To add an Avatar, both have to agree to add each other to their own list. (For more information, click here).

Idol – An Avatar that has become famous one way or another. (For more information, click here and read “The Idols”, under “So many Avatars, so many cultures”).

Halo(s) – Slang. Admin(s). (see Admin)

Hero – An idol (see idol) that aspires to become an Admin (see Admin) and/or to beat one in a fair fight. They are known for their powers across multiple Servers (see Server (1)). (For more information, click here and read “The Heroes”, under “So many Avatars, so many cultures”).

Hop in – Slang. The process of teleporting (see teleporting (1)) to a Server. (For more information, click here).

Hop off – Slang. The process of teleporting (see teleporting (1)) away from a Server with no clear destination. (For more information, click here).

Teleporting – (1) The ability to move away from a Server (see Server (1)) and move to another one. Only Avatars, Admins and Pixies have such ability. (2) When not referring to the .Graveyard itself and depending on the context, it could literally mean what the word exactly means.

Native – An Avatar that has decided to inhabit a single Server. Unlike roleplayers (see roleplayers), they do not deny the existence of other Servers and the .Graveyard itself. (For more information, click here and read “The Natives”, under “So many Avatars, so many cultures”). The opposite of a nomad (see nomad).

Nomad – An Avatar that doesn’t settle with just one Server. (For more information, click here and read “The Nomads”, under “So many Avatars, so many cultures”). The opposite of a native (see native).

Noob – Slang. Derogatory term used for Avatars who still carry a Pixie alongside them (see Pixie). Naive. Weak. Slow.

NPC – (1) Nonessential Primitive Commodity. They are one of the few type of inhabitants within the .Graveyard, considered inferior by Avatars. (For more information, click here). (2) Slang. Derogatory term when applied to an Avatar, usually roleplayers (see roleplayer). Stupid. Lacking intellect.

NPCF – Nonessential Primitive Commodity Fucker. Slang. Derogatory term used for Avatars (1) who fancy NPC’s (see NPC’s). (2) that are Roleplayers (see roleplayer).

Pixie – Every Avatar is given their own Pixie when they are Reborn (see reborn (2)) or Rebooted (see rebooted). Creatures that take any sort of form that is strangely familiar and friendly to their Avatar. (For more information, click here).

Pray – (1) Slang. Report (see report). (2) When not referring to the .Graveyard itself and depending on the context, it could literally mean what the word exactly means. There could be magic and mysticism confined within a few selected Servers (see Server).

Private Server – A personal and secret area that every Avatar owns that can only be accessed by themselves or the Avatars in their friends’ list (see friends’ list) that they allow to. (For more information, click here and read “A place to call home”).

Public Spawn Point – A Spawn Point (see Spawn Point) that is usually located within public and friendly area within the Server that can be accessed by every Avatar. (For more information, click here and read “Don’t forget to create your own Spawn Point!”).

Rebirth – Another expression used for the process of being rebooted (see rebooted). Usually used by theorists (see theorist) that are have use a more superstitious or spiritual approach to the process itself.

Reborn – (1) Adjective given to newly Rebooted (see rebooted) Avatars. Usually used by theorists (see theorist) that are have use a more superstitious or spiritual approach to the process itself. (2) Adjective used by Admins (see Admin) only when an Avatar is new to the .Graveyard and has never been rebooted (see rebooted). (For more information, click here and read “Reborn has an Avatar”).

Reboot(ed) – The process an Avatar has to go through usually at the end of their thousandth year, during New Year. Or punishment by the hand of an Admin. Complete rebirth. A new life, eliminating every trace of their previous life. (For more information, click here and read “The .Graveyard is never dull”).

Report – An Avatar’s ability to whisper (see whisper) to the Admins (see Admin) in hope that one will listen to their call. (For more information, click here and read “We listen to your complains, honest”).

Resurrected – Avatars cannot die and, thus, when they die, they are resurrected in the form of a wisp (see wisp). Not to be mistaken for being reborn (see reborn) or rebooted (see reboot).

Roleplayer – The extreme version of a native (see native). They deny the existence of other Servers but their own and fully embrace every aspect of the Server they have chosen for themselves for one reason or another. (For more information, click here and read “The Roleplayers”, under “So many Avatars, so many cultures”).

Server – (1) From an Avatar’s perspective, a Server is an entire universe created by the Admins (see Admin) that exists only to serve, be controlled and populated by Avatars. (For more information, click here). (2) When not referring to the .Graveyard itself and depending on the context, it could literally mean a person or thing that serves or a computer or computer program that manages access to a centralized resource or service in a network within a [.Graveyard] Server.

Server List – A personal list of Servers (see Server (1)) that an Avatar has access to on their own mind and a thought away to gaze at it with their own psych. They can search for any Server that they desire. (For more information, click here).

Spawn Point –  A designated point, previously visited by an Avatar and created by the very same Avatar in order to mark the area on which they may choose to hop in (see hop in) once they decide to return to the Server in the future. (For more information, click here and read “Don’t forget to create your own Spawn Point!”).

Theorist – An Avatar that usually asks the questions that nobody asks, about the .Graveyard itself. Either for superstitious reasons or for scientific research. Sometimes philosophers. (For more information, click here and read “The Theorists”, under “So many Avatars, so many cultures”).

Whisper – The Avatar’s ability to telepathically talk to one or more Avatars on their Friends’ List (For more information, click here).

Wingturd – Slang. Derogatory term used for an Avatar that is perceived as someone that grovels in order to be approved by an Admin (see Admin).

Wisp – Adjective. The form Avatars take, when they die and have to wait twenty four hours within their own Private Server (see Private Server), before they are able to obtain their original form back and gain access to their Server List (see Server List). (For more information, click here).


The Art of Storytelling



Anyway, bad images aside..

Good Afternoon!


Storytelling is perhaps one of the forms of art that I appreciate the most. The ability to weave a story, to expose a message or feelings that you wouldn’t be able to even explain if not by the use of abstract ideas and concepts. To teach someone how to love, to see the world with other lenses. Perspectives, to expose thought and ideals. What is there not to shiver with the exposition of a plot or character that, in many ways, you may end up identifying with?

There are many forms to weave a story and there are many ways to expose your own story. A storyteller cannot be a mere dreamer. A storyteller has to be able to express those dreams in a way that will entertain the minds of those that are ready to broaden their horizons. So it is quite normal for storytellers to also learn other forms of art that will allow them to better expose their own stories. Either those skills be in writing, drawing, video, audio, word to mouth and so on.

There are also many types of storytellers. Those that work with vague abstract concepts. The ones that are rooted in reality and everyone’s daily life or knowledge of the common people. The visionaries that aim for a specific niche or demographic. The courageous that challenge the status quo. Storytellers that want to reach your heart and strip your emotions in order to bring your own innocence forward, to shape it. Curious people that want to bring forward a question or moral gray area. The dreamers that want you to dream, to inspire.

Whatever type of Storyteller you may find yourself to be and in whatever form you wish to expose your own story, always remember that Storytelling is an art that can take many shapes and form. But, most of all, it allows people to express themselves. It comes from the goodwill and heart of the artist to expose their own story. Every form of expression is an exercise of one’s free speech and ability to have their own thoughts exposed for the world to notice and entertain. A novel is not better than a movie. A song is no better than a movie. Fiction is not childish and a Broadway hit isn’t for the intellectuals only to understand completely.

It’s normal for some of the artistic sensible people to always consider their own methods to be the right way for a true artist to follow and appreciate. Much like a child, they scream that their own view is the correct interpretation and model to mimic. They are wrong.


Art comes in many shapes and form. Much like there are art styles for those that draw and none is better than the other, Storytelling has many ways to expose a story and the path to success is to refine your own story to the point that will resonate with the audience, no matter the path you have chosen to expose your story.

Many stories work better if they are written, invoking the readers’ own imagination to fill the gaps and self insert their own selves and thoughts to make the experience always unique.. even if the story is the same to everyone. There are other stories that require for the audience to experience it themselves, to insert themselves literally into the story. Then there are those other stories that require for the audience to focus on what’s already carved in stone right in front of their eyes and ears, allowing them to inspire.

Storytellers should know that one must not focus on a single form of expression for every story they may come up with. There are things that work better on a big screen while there are others that are better experienced written.


Personally, it’s already obvious that I, as a storyteller, prefer the use of cartoons and comics. Always exploring the world of fiction. I’m open to new possibilities, even though it is true that what I described earlier ends up being my main specialty when deciding how to express that story or idea.

I enjoy cartoons and comics, it draws the innocence from all of us, toying with an adults’ nostalgia and drawing them close enough to the point that they become open to anything that is thrown at them. The idea of making an adult surprised and emotional when the plot starts to thicken and the rabbit hole that is the idea, concept or character.. make the adult wonder if this is only a story for children. Just the thought of making such adults, holding their own heart that has been carved with thorns for decades to maintain their facade of adulthood.. strip them down from their mighty straw houses with the tease of an innocent cake made of skittles.. only for them to eat it whole and watch them widen their eyes as they noticed that the cake was filled with laxatives. Looking at them run towards the bathroom and appreciate that I’ve cured them from their constipation that had begun since the time they were forced to become adults, never truly understanding what an adult really is: a myth created by people who are entering puberty and want to pretend they are grown ups.


Anyway, that was my thought for today and, hopefully, this will allow some people who stumble here to have an idea of how I interpret the art of storytelling and how I personally see myself in that art form.

Have a pleasant 1st of November. It’s holiday here in Portugal. A religious holiday for “all saints”, catholic stuff.


.Graveyard – Servers & Friends List 101



“The .Graveyard is a complete network of servers that hosts several worlds based on fiction, novels, history, past and present that humanity has developed along the years.” – quoted from the .Graveyard Project Announcement post.

“Ancient Egypt, cyberpunk, horror, fantasy, dark ages, steampunk, gothic, space, fiction, future, present, past, what is, what isn’t real, what was once reality. If you can think of something, it probably exists within the .Graveyard. You just have to filter down the right server to join!” – quoted from the .Graveyard – Avatar 101 post.

As quoted, the .Graveyard is nothing more than a network of servers to venture to. From an Avatar’s perspective, they are entire worlds and, sometimes, even universes to explore. Though those are called Servers, even among Avatars, it’s clear that their perception of what a Server truly is seems to be completely detached from the true meaning.

For an Avatar, a Server is not a machine that is connected to a network. It is a word to describe a parallel universe. The same way that Avatars glance at the word .Graveyard and don’t conclude that they living in a graveyard but, within their knowledge, the reality they live in is named as such since they can never die and are always resurrected. Thus the word .Graveyard doesn’t hold the grim and dark meaning it actually represents.

When facing a network of servers within a Server’s world, they use the word Server not the same way as they would name a Server within the .Graveyard. But, instead, use the word as a representation of the word “To serve a network”. The same way someone would call someone that serves a Server.


That’s one big list of Servers!

The .Graveyard hosts a good number of servers to please hundreds of billions of Avatars. It keeps expanding and mostly abandoned Servers tend to be destroyed by Admins when they notice a lack of interest for a good amount of time.

Variety is key. As such, there is a Server for anything anyone can think of. Entire universes and worlds to explore. Some Servers are large, others are smaller. The best way to decide which Server one should go, they have to learn how to search the Server List. The Server List can be accessed with just a thought at any given time. It remains within the mind of the Avatar, the floating windows that hold all the information they could require to make the wisest decisions. Folders, categories. All organized and personalized the way an Avatar can understand, given that the Server List is but a fragment of their own intellect and creativity.


I have the right to know where I’m going to.

Managing the Servers List can be a difficult task at the beginning of an Avatar’s existence. Lack of filters, favorites and control over one’s own abilities. But, once an Avatar has been teleporting from Server to Server for quite some time, it becomes natural.

The Server List exposes the names, their ID’s, their tags, their rating from one to five, the news, a few comments (with the ability to see how many agree with the comment). An Avatar can also create their own list of favorite Servers or organize them accordingly. Every Avatar can rank a Server of their choice and expose their own opinions for other Avatars to either agree or disagree. The most agreed upon comments get to be the one’s noticed the most.


This Server has plenty of rules…

Each Server has their own set of rules. Though all of those rules are not under the supervision of an Admin. If a Server explains that it is illegal to steal, an Admin won’t be the one arresting an Avatar that does so. NPC’s are the ones that take care of Server specific rules. In fact, some NPC’s tend to break the Server’s own laws too. Avatars are also free to change the rules within a Server as long as these rules don’t go against any of the .Graveyard’s own rules.


I have super powers as long as I remain here.

Of course, there are Servers that provide more than just an alternative appearance or entire societies to deal with. Some Servers provide certain powers and skills that would be impossible on other Servers. Such as the ability to cast a spell or the ability to move objects with their own mind. Or to fly, to breathe underwater. Those traits can be learned and they always remain on the Server where it belongs. An Avatar may be able to commune with the natural elements within a fictional world. But, if an Avatar finds a horse in the Dark Ages, the Avatar won’t be able to create a form of communication with the horse the same way they would be able to talk with eagles on that other Server.

Clothing, armor, weapons, trinkets, currency. Everything that the Server generates or provides to an Avatar cannot be transported to another Server.


You know… for science.

Perhaps the grayest of questions and issues an Avatar may have is; given how one cannot use the same set of skills and traits from one Server to another, is it morally correct to produce certain types of items that, by all means, are considered too advanced with the tools provided by the Server? The question is not if it is possible or not since, given the limitations and tools provided by the Server, there are things that can still be created if an Avatar has the knowledge to do so. With rocks and sticks, should an Avatar create something that is far too powerful for the ancient times represented on the Server? Or create a gun within a Server that’s barbaric? Or bring technology to a world of magic and wizards?

It is a gray area that Avatars tend to not agree with each others. Some believe that it is incorrect, given that it affects the natural preset of the Server. Others believe that it gives an unfair advantage over Avatars who just want to blend with their surroundings. Some will defend the right to create such technology. And there are others that will produce technology that they think will benefit everyone on the Server.

But what do the Admins think about it? An Admin usually don’t concern themselves with such, though they will react if the generated technology causes too much destruction since it will fall under the rule that informs Avatars that they shouldn’t harass others. Sometimes, Admins will look at what the Avatars created and applaud at the Avatar’s ingenuity, allowing it to continue to evolve and progress. However, if the technology developed changes the landscape and lifestyle of everyone within the Server, Admins tend to either clean the Server to it’s original state or alter the name and tags to reflect the renewed appearance that no longer is appropriate to the name and appearance it carries.


Tags are your friends.

The best way for an Avatar to find the right Server for themselves is by the use of tags. Only Admins are allowed to change those. With the use of certain keywords, Avatars are able to find the Server that they wish.

The method Admins use to tag the servers gives the illusion that the World/Universe represented within a Server is neither a type of fiction or belonging to former times of human history. Instead, they use words such as “Ancient”, to represent a Server on which the populace there lives in a rather primitive environment. Or words such as “Magical”, to represent a work of fiction that doesn’t actually exist in reality.

Admins have to give the Avatars the illusion that the .Graveyard is reality and there is no other reality outside of it. They will do their best to keep it so, no matter the cost. So the way they choose their words and tags tend to be in a way that an Avatar would consider to be part of reality, such as Magic existing on certain worlds and that there are worlds that are simply inhabited by primitive NPC’s. It allows the Avatar to decide whenever or not to give the right tools for the inhabitants to progress or to simply allow the Server to be preserved just the way it is.


Server sizes don’t matter, r-right?

Not all Servers have the same biodiversity as those that are large enough to host an entire World, realm or Universe. Some Servers have clear borders, however, if they gain popularity, they are expanded by Admins. The sizes and their meanings are the following:

  • Tiny – These Servers are large enough to host a mere village or city. Or maybe just a forest or mountain. Though there are no visible borders, if an Avatar walks to the edge of the unknown borders, they’ll end up on the opposite cardinal direction of the area. As if the world reflected on the Server is either round or keeps replicating itself over and over. If trying to fly upwards and away from the unknown borders, they’ll be teleported back to the Spawn Point and, if they used technology to get there, the technology that is making it possible simply ceases to exist.
  • Small – Small Servers host an entire region, continent, ocean or country. These also lack visible borders but, unlike Servers that are tiny, if one walks to the unknown border, they’ll be teleported back to their Spawn Point.
  • Normal – Usually Servers that host an entire planet or realm. The borders, in case of an entire planet, tend to be located a good number of KM’s away from the planet and natural satellite(s) (if they exist). Somewhere in space. When trying to travel to space beyond the unknown borders, Avatars are pulled back to the planet’s own gravity by force (no matter how far they tried to reach away from the planet). In case of an entire realm, the borders are non-existent given that realms usually don’t operate under the same rules as an actual planet.
  • Large As one can imagine, a large Server can host more than just a planet. It can host an entire universe. There are no borders. At all.


Don’t forget to create your own Spawn Point!

Spawn Points are a neat way to call a designated point, previously visited by an Avatar and created by the very same Avatar. These are personal and an Avatar has the freedom to choose where to place it within every single Server. They can only have one per Server and, if they do not, the next time they come back to the Server, they’ll be teleported back to the many pre-determined Public Spawn Points.

Those Public Spawn Points are usually located within public and friendly areas within the Server, such as a Space Station, a Train Station, a Public Spa or any public area with plenty of movement. Avatars are teleported there, already standing up, as if they were mere spirits that materialized out of thin air in middle of a public area.

To create a Spawn Point, an Avatar simply has to remain in the position they wish to have when teleported to the Server, for a minute, and naturally think that they want their Spawn Point there. If the Spawn Point is created within or on top of a moving object, the Avatar, once they decide to teleport back to the Server, are teleported on top or within it. If the Spawn Point is created within or on top of an object that is then later destroyed, the Spawn Point ceases to exist and an Avatar has to use a Public Spawn Point.


What time and day is it?

The .Graveyard works in mysterious ways. The .Graveyard, by itself, works twenty four hours, seven days a week, twelve months, every year.. with no Daylight Saving Time nonsense. Every Server, however, is bound to their own definition of time that is parallel to the time within the .Graveyard itself.

To compare, the .Graveyard’s time and day is an Operating System’s clock and Calendar. However, if a Server is bound by a different definition of time, it is the same has playing a game on which it could be night and 2 AM within it, even though your PC informs you that it is 1 PM.

An Avatar can naturally predict what time and day it is within the .Graveyard itself at any given time and location. The same way they can keep track on how old they are up to the millisecond and learn how much time they have left until their own Reboot.

The method the .Graveyard uses to count their year within itself is by the use of Days (capital D is important). One Day is equal to a thousand years. For example. If the .Graveyard was created 2016 years ago, today it would be “The 2nd Day, Year 16, 29th of October.” A Day ends after the Year 1000, 31st of December; thus, the next day, becomes a new Day, of the Year 1, 1st of January.

Naturally, the .Graveyard was created at the 1st Day, Year 1, 1st of January.

The major events within the .Graveyard story arch happen at the 5th Day, Year 277. 



Avatars can enjoy their privacy on their own Private Server, learn about the news within the .Graveyard and their favorite servers, invite their friends and so on.” – quoted from the .Graveyard – Avatar 101 post.

Avatars are encouraged to meet other fellow Avatars and create relationships with them. As such, having a list with all your friends and acquaintances would be essencial to live within the .Graveyard. How else are you to know where they are and if it’s even appropriate to communicate with them? Telepathically being able to whisper your friends is probably one of the useful set of skills that an Avatar naturally has.


Add me.

Avatars can add other fellow Avatars to their friends’ list if they both agree upon it. It has to be a mutual agreement and it can easily be disagreed upon if one of them decides that they had enough of someone’s ill whispers or foolishness.

Remember, Avatars can only whisper Avatars that are part of their list.


My friends call me all the time!

Avatars can also whisper several Avatars at the same time. Thus, effectively, creating a Group Chat. It is a good method to organize a group even when the Avatars are within the same Server. It is also a good way to talk to a friendly Avatar or group without anyone else knowing.


Let’s all join the same Server, together.

Lastly, one of the other major advantages for an Avatar having a diverse and rich list of friends is the ability to use their own Spawn Point, if they allow it. Such natural skill is useful when an Avatar wants to bring their friends to the same Server and venture together.

However, there are limitations. An Avatar cannot bring more than five other Avatars to their Spawn Point in a single hour. These limitations, of course, do not apply to Private Servers.


They know where they are, at all times.

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects that may or not allow an Avatar to befriend another fellow Avatar. While it’s true that it can be annoying to have a friend that won’t stop whispering you, even if they are waiting in their own Private Server in the form of a wisp, it can be even more worrying if that kind of Avatar knows where you are.

At the same time however, there is an advantage to know exactly where an Avatar is. To know where to go when trying to find the Avatar in question.

Under certain rare conditions, if a relationship between two Avatars is strong enough, it is said that, if they close their eyes, they’ll be able to see and feel what the other close friend can see and feel as well with exact precision within the Server they are in. In fact, if the relationship is even stronger, they are able to do so across Servers. Avatars that can reach such levels of intimacy tend to maintain their connection for all eternity.. or so they say.



These are all the 101’s for now. If there are more, I’ll be sure to add with time! Be sure to pay attention to the .Graveyard Project’s forum. If you register an account on this website, you’ll be able to watch the Roleplay and the stories that are being tested. I’m sure that even those who are not Roleplaying will be amused by the creativity being exposed by everyone involved!


.Graveyard – NPC 101



“The inferior NPC’s that do the work that no Avatar wants to do and the ones that make a world feel alive. They are a pity, much like willing A.I. slaves that don’t have the same advantages and intelligence as an Avatar.” – quoted from the .Graveyard – Avatar 101 post.

The fourth and, easily the most agreed upon, inferior form of inhabitant within the .Graveyard. They are far more numerous compared to Avatars but it is clear that the .Graveyard made them to serve a humbler purpose. There are several types of NPC’s and it is important to learn what makes an NPC.. an NPC.

NPC stands for Nonessential Primitive Commodity. As in, they are not important, they are primitive but, at the end, they have some value. Some Avatars pity them, others abuse them, others ignore them. It matters not if an Avatar loves them or hates them, NPC’s are here to stay and they will do what they were designed to do.


They are everywhere!

NPC’s are numerous. They are the beasts, the animals, the critters, that lone guardsman, that bartender, the A.I. that informs about the condition of an Avatar’s gadget. The thieves, the crooks, the dragons, the hostile faction of aliens that are trying to take over the server.

Literally anything that an Avatar doesn’t want to do or be, an NPC fulfills the task quite nicely. And they act according to the role they have adopted, blending with the world around them perfectly in every way. It’s no wonder that Avatars that are called Roleplayers tend to be ridiculed and labeled as NPC’s, given how both groups completely adopt every single aspect of the server they reside. The only difference between a Roleplayer and an NPC is that a Roleplayer chooses to immerse themselves with the world they are in while ignoring that there is a .Graveyard. NPC’s, on the other hand, don’t choose to do so. Their intelligence and design is limited to only recognize the world they are in.

The only place an Avatar will never find an NPC is within any Private Server.


Obedient to a fault.

Designed to perform exactly what they were made for. If they were created to serve, they will serve without thinking twice. If they were designed with rules, they will follow the rules no matter what. It’s hard to determine if an NPC has a personality of their own or if they simply act on their own instinct.

Sometimes, however, they are created with the purpose of being hostile by nature. And, in such cases, an Avatar knows that the NPC will never listen to them since they are only following their own instincts.

At the end of the day, NPC’s are there to make an Avatar’s life more complete as they travel from server to server. Without them, the .Graveyard would be emptier and harder to keep it fresh, exciting and alive.


They look and talk pretty normal to me…

The true appearance of an NPC is hidden in front of an Avatar’s eyes. While for Admins and Pixies, an NPC lacks certain facial features and, replacing those same features, a thin dark screen covers part of where those features were supposed to be. What the screen projects is nothing more than an ancient form of digital expression and communication. But, from the Avatars’ point of view, the facial features exist and there is no dark screen covering their face. An Avatar knows if they are dealing with an NPC based on intuition alone.

The same way, the true language of an NPC is unknown to Avatars and Pixies. NPC’s speak, in truth, in ancient and raw electronic tones. In beeps, in short. Only Admins are aware of that and, as such, some cannot understand NPC’s. However, Pixies and Avatars can enjoy listening to them talking naturally.


Where do NPC’s come from?

NPC’s are, strangely enough, the only inhabitants within the .Graveyard that can reproduce, if they are representing a living being that can. The reason for such is unknown. But it is true that NPC’s can get off-springs, under the right conditions.

Besides the ability to reproduce among themselves only, they can be created by Admins. Normally Admins do so to keep their servers populated and balanced according to their ideal image for the world within. Or to keep the Avatars entertained!

Depending on the server and the rules that surround it, Avatars can too create NPC’s. Either if it’s an A.I. or the ability to conjure an ally or foe. However, Avatars cannot bring their NPC’s to other servers but the one they were created in the first place.


These are a few things that can be shared about the NPC’s. All the inhabitants have been explained thus far. My next post will cover the basics about Servers within the .Graveyard!


.Graveyard – Pixies 101



“During their puberty, they are given an ally that will tutor them, teach them how to navigate and make proper use of their own abilities as Avatars. The ally is small, inoffensive and it reflects the Avatar’s own definition of what is friendly. Never taller than the Avatar’s own arm. These allies are called Pixies and they vanish the moment the Avatar reaches adulthood.” – quoted from the .Graveyard – Avatar 101 post.

Ah, the Pixies. The Avatar’s very first friend and creature they have the pleasure to meet. A teacher for those that are created for the first time within the .Graveyard or are reborn. It’s their task to teach an Avatar through their puberty, that can last between ten to a hundred years, how to properly make use of their abilities.

It’s impossible for the Avatar to genuinely hate their own Pixie. Like a childhood friend or imaginary friend, they are remembered through an Avatar’s adulthood with nostalgia. Probably one of the only things they end up missing from their first moments within the .Graveyard!


We will be best friends forever.. as long you remain a teenager!

Befriending someone that you know will vanish before you can be harsh for any Avatar. But such is the life within the .Graveyard, even among fellow Avatars when one is near their reboot.

Growing up as an Avatar can be fun when one listens to their own Pixie. In order for an Avatar to reach Adulthood, both the Pixie and the Avatar have to agree that the Avatar is ready to leave their adolescence behind. And the Avatar must at least be ten years old. If the mutual agreement isn’t reached at the age of one hundred, the Avatar will be forced to become an adult and lose their pixie either way.

One thing is certain. The Pixie will always love their Avatar, care for them. For a Pixie, watching their Avatar grown into an adult is their ultimate life goal. Once it is reached, they will gladly vanish. The biggest humiliation for an Pixie is for an Avatar to reach their hundredth year and be forced into adulthood.


We were designed for you.

There’s something magical about meeting their own Pixie has an Avatar for the very first time. The appearance of a Pixie is never taller than the length of their own Avatar’s arm.

They can take any shape or form, it matters not if it represents a creature, humanoid or a mixture of objects or abstract figures. The Pixie is created based of an Avatar’s own perception of what is friendly and familiar. Usually drawn from the person they are based of. Either their childhood cartoon, stories, games, movies, books, dollies, plushy, what they value more. Or a combination of all of those. It could be anything and it will become sentient.

Able to float alongside their Avatar, their personalities may vary and those qualities also depend on what the Avatar enjoys to see in a friend.


An excellent teacher.

Ultimately, a Pixie’s task is to teach an Avatar how to make use of their own abilities:

  • Being able to teleport between servers. Explain that there are limitations, such as having to remain inactive for a full minute.
  • The ability to designate a Spawn Point within a Server, at any given time, after they join a Server for the very first time.
  • How to make use of the Server List. Which can be accessed at any given time by thought. One has the ability to be informed about the world, rules and what to expect. Avatars have the ability to create their own list of favorites and share it with their friends.
  • Talking to their own friends by telepathy, no matter if they are on the same server or not. This natural ability can be used even during the twenty four hour wait after death.
  • How to manage their own Private Server. The ability to shape their own Private Server as they see fit.. within the one KM’s radius. The opportunity to learn about the news and events within the .Graveyard as long they remain on their own Private Server.
  • The rules every Avatar has to respect, no matter which Server. The rules that the Admins impose upon the Avatars.
  • How to report to an Admin by the use of one’s own thought.

Of course, besides this list, a Pixie must also make sure that the Avatar is mentally prepared and fit to reside within the .Graveyard. Like a parent, they sometimes tend to scowl their own Avatars if they misbehave. Or at least passively suggesting them to change their behavior.


I know who you are. Do you know who I am?

A Pixie’s true nature has always remained somehow of a mystery among Avatars. A Pixie will never talk about their origins or answer the most existential questions about what the .Graveyard is or what an Avatar is. If asked, they’ll answer that the .Graveyard is their home. While, when asked what’s an Avatar or who they are, they’ll basically point out that, obviously, their Avatar is an Avatar, that other Avatar is also an Avatar and what their name is.

The connection between Pixies and the Admins has also remained a mystery. It’s clear that the Admins do not pay attention to the Pixies and that the Pixies remain completely neutral about the Admin’s purpose and rules. However, a Pixie will always instruct their Avatar to follow the rules placed by the Admins.

Some Avatars, given the lack of information about a Pixie’s true nature, have theorize that the Pixies are advanced NPC’s. The missing link between an NPC and an Avatar. Their theory is based on the fact that Pixies are just as intelligent has an Avatar.. but are as submissive to an Avatar has an NPC.

However, there are a few facts that doesn’t allow this theory to hold on itself. One of them being that they do not change their appearance according to the Server they’re joining with the Avatar. Which means that they are not bound by the same limitations has an Avatar. Another major fact is that a Pixie cannot die. No matter what happens, a Pixie will remain alive. If their Avatar dies, they simply teleport back to the Private Server, intact. This, by itself, is one thing they have in advantage over an Avatar. On the other hand, a Pixie isn’t able to kill an Avatar either.


These are a few things that can be shared about the Pixies. More information about the other types of inhabitants and even some details about the .Graveyard itself will be shared along the way.


.Graveyard – Admin 101



“And lastly, the Admins, that rule over the .Graveyard. They are not Avatars but it is clear that their power over the .Graveyard is godly. Their personalities vary but it would be wise for an Avatar to not anger an Admin unless they want to be permanently eliminated from the .Graveyard!” – quoted from the .Graveyard – Avatar 101 post.

The admins are, by all means, the ones that place order within the .Graveyard. Their rules are just and they don’t tend to bother themselves with Avatars unless they want to exercise their dominance and rules over a naughty Avatar.

For an Avatar to see an Admin, it is as if they were facing an angelical being. Their appearance tends to be flawless, carrying an halo above their heads that stand out no matter where. They are never mistaken for Avatars, even though their appearance tends to vary just as much as an Avatar. Except they do not need to bind themselves to the rules of the server they teleport to. If they wish to appear themselves as a dragon in the middle of Ancient Rome, they will.


The most powerful beings on the .Graveyard

It is said that a single Admin can kill a million Avatars with only just a thought and a few waves with their fingertips. Entire servers can be erased with only a single Admin. True or not, it is true that they can eliminate Avatars as if they were nothing. However, Admins do not go on a rampage, ever. Somehow, with all their power, they remain in control. Gracious, they use their powers wisely. However, each Admin has their own personality. Getting in the way of one’s task is a good way to get permanently eliminated.

Able to control servers, they perform their maintenance without disturbing the local Avatars. That is, unless there’s a serious issue with the server. They do give a fair warning beforehand though. Disregarding their warnings would be foolish.


With a motive.

The Admins exist to make sure that the .Graveyard works properly. Their true nature is unknown to Avatars. For an Avatar, an Admin is an entire different breed above them. Enigmatic, the Admins never share personal information about other Avatars or even themselves.

Given their direct approach to solve any issue they see that they have to fix, Admins don’t tend to spend time with Avatars at all! Trying to befriend an Admin is nearly impossible. And even if one were to become friends with one, the Admin would never give the Avatar an unfair advantage over others. Their goal, after all, is to create order and patch up the .Graveyard as much as they can so that it may become flawless.


Never negotiate. Our rules, always.

Every Avatar, during their adolescence, is informed by their Pixie about the rules that will keep them away from getting punished by an Admin. The rules are fairly simple:

  • Don’t harass other fellow Avatars. Killing the same Avatar over and over and over is no fun, making them wait twenty four hours just to be killed again. Disturbing whispers is just as annoying. Making an Avatar’s life miserable is low and an Avatar that does that deserves to be erased.
  • You can take control of a major area within a server with your fellow Avatars. But don’t ruin the fun for every other Avatar that doesn’t know of your take over. While it’s not a rule, it may trigger an Admin’s attention since they’ll detect if there’s major complains on a specific server.
  • Don’t get in the way of the Admins’ work. Their job is more important than whatever you and your fellow Avatars might believe to be reasonable.

The consequences for breaking the rules are also straight forward:

  • They can kill an Avatar and make them wait twenty four hours, counting as a regular Avatar against Avatar murder. Which is, by all means, a slap on the wrist.
  • They can permanently eliminate an Avatar.
  • They can reboot an Avatar, ignoring their cycle completely and starting anew once again.


We listen to your complains, honest.

As told, an Avatar may report to an Admin at any given time. Either it is because of another Avatar’s behavior or because they are confused about one thing or another that shouldn’t had happened within the server. To do so, much like a whisper to a friend, they have to whisper in thought to the Admins.

Often compared to a prayer, an Avatar only has to keep in mind that their message is for the Admins. Whenever or not an Admin answers is another story. It may not be immediately or ever, but Avatars are told that the Admins listen. If they do not appear, it is because they are either busy or because an Avatar’s complain is not worthy enough for their presence to solve whatever issue you may have. Normally, if more Avatars whisper to the Admins nearly at the same time about the same issue, it may give more reasons for an Admin to appear.

But warning, summoning an Admin in vain can be compared and punished just as much as getting in the way of an Admin’s work.


We are gods, your creators.

An Avatar is well aware that Admins can change a server has they see fit. They are the ones that create entire servers, the ones that eliminate Avatars and the only beings that create true NPC’s out of thin air.

Some Avatars may feel inclined to worship the Admins though it is just as clear that the Admins either do not care for such cults, feel somehow flattered but do not allow their judgement to be influenced or feel outright repulsion. Some Admins might even give the cults a fair warning to cease their behavior, while others will secretly allow it to continue out of narcissism.


Rogue Admins.

There will always be black sheep among the Admins. And, as such, these Admins may have their own motives as they secretly act on their own morals and instincts. There are a few rare times that Admins might bicker with each others and, even more dangerous, provoke a battle among them. Though they don’t tend to last for long, the damage can be catastrophic for any Avatar that gets in between.

If a Rogue Admin is found and the Admin has managed to spread lies about the .Graveyard, the other Admins will forcefully reboot those same Avatars influenced by those lies. No matter if the entire .Graveyard has to be rebooted, though such extreme measurement has never happened before.



These are a few things that can be shared about the Admins. More information about the other types of inhabitants and even some details about the .Graveyard itself will be shared along the way.



.Graveyard – Avatar 101



To better explain the .Graveyard, one has to understand the inhabitants of this world of worlds. As such, the right way to start is to analise who the .Graveyard was made for: the Avatars.

“The rest is history and unknown, but the .Graveyard exists, hosting Avatars by the hundreds of billions. Plenty of servers to pick from and to hop from when they feel to do so. It keeps expanding and it doesn’t show signs that it will stop.” – quoted from the .Graveyard Project Announcement post.

Hundreds of billions of Avatars, to play around with an expanding network of servers. Make no mistake, they live forever and they are free to explore every single server, jumping between them as they see fit. They do not age. When they die, they are brought back to life.

Their natural appearance, outside the influence of a server, reflects their humanity. Simply human, with no extra accessories or mutations. The wardrobe is simple and it can reflect the Avatar’s own personality. But, once they venture to a server, they are required to adapt to the world they are about to enter. But there is more to it for an Avatar.


Reborn has an Avatar

Once an Avatar is created for the very first time, they all start with the appearance of a twelve year old. This is a sign for every other Avatar, once they meet this new Avatar, that they are dealing with someone new to the .Graveyard. Eventually, at their own pace, they will grow up to be adults and remain that way forever. That process can take between ten years to a hundred.

During their puberty, they are given an ally that will tutor them, teach them how to navigate and make proper use of their own abilities as Avatars. The ally is small, inoffensive and it reflects the Avatar’s own definition of what is friendly. Never taller than the Avatar’s own arm. These allies are called Pixies and they vanish the moment the Avatar reaches adulthood.

It is the Pixie’s task to teach an Avatar how to travel between servers, create a list of friends, to talk to their friends without being physically present on the same server, how to manage their own Private Server and how to report on another Avatar’s bad behavior.


A place to call home

Every Avatar, besides being able to visit every server available as they see fit, has their own Private Server. Within it, every Avatar can mold their own Private Server according to what they find appropriate at any given time. All with a thought, the Private Server bending to the will of the owner’s imagination. However, that private land only has a single KM’s radius. Walking to the edge of that area will lead to a blank limbo which, if remaining for too long, will result in the Avatar to return back at where their land is located.

Avatars can enjoy their privacy on their own Private Server, learn about the news within the .Graveyard and their favorite servers, invite their friends and so on. This is also the place where they return once they die, having to wait twenty four hours with the form of a wisp before they can join a server.


The .Graveyard is never dull

One of the major concerns that the engineers and programmers had when they created the .Graveyard was how to make sure a being can enjoy an eternal life without getting bored. Upon a few meetings, they had come to the conclusion to form what they call a Reboot. A year within the .Graveyard is a year within reality. As such, every Avatar gets “rebooted” every one thousand years.

Again, they are reborn, re-used. Losing all the contacts they had, they are made again. Starting from zero, with a new appearance and name… yet with the same personality they developed within the last thousand years. It is as if they just joined the .Graveyard for the first time. Everything will be new once again.

Which is why Avatars, during New Year, they celebrate it differently. New Year’s, for an Avatar, is a moment of joy but also a moment to meditate, to spend time with your fellow Avatars for the last time in case you are about to be Rebooted the next day.

Avatars only Reboot at New Year’s. If an Avatar is 1000 years old (even if it is 1000 years old and 11 months), they get Rebooted somewhere between the 1st of January and the 2nd of January. 31st December is the day to celebrate and to talk to their fellow Avatars for the last time. At 00:00, they get instantly teleported to their own Private Server and stay there 24 hours, without contacts and without the ability to travel between Servers. The 2nd January is when their new selves appear. All Avatars start on their Private Server.


Plenty of worlds to explore

Every server is a world or universe by itself.

“The .Graveyard is a complete network of servers that hosts several worlds based on fiction, novels, history, past and present that humanity has developed along the years.” – quoted from the .Graveyard Project Announcement post.

Ancient Egypt, cyberpunk, horror, fantasy, dark ages, steampunk, gothic, space, fiction, future, present, past, what is, what isn’t real, what was once reality. If you can think of something, it probably exists within the .Graveyard. You just have to filter down the right server to join!

With just a thought, an Avatar can access within their minds a list of servers that they can join and mark as their favorites. Learning beforehand what the server is about and be able to jump into it after they remain inactive for a full minute. With a blink of an eye, they are teleported to the server with the appearance that they chose just for that world they just joined. A server can be small, the size of a village. Or it can be large, the size of an entire universe. Much depends on what the server was inspired from and how popular it is.

An Avatar is unable to carry anything from one server to another. And once they join a server, they are brought to one of the many Spawn Points that always exists within a server. Much like a public transport station or stop. The appearance of it very much depends on the thematic of the world. Avatars, once they are there, they can choose their own spawn points for once they decide to return to that same server later on.

Certain servers allow the Avatar to obtain powers and traits that wouldn’t be possible on other servers. Such powers can be used within the limits of the world they belong to but those powers, currency, trinkets, items, armor. But all of those remain within the server and are not carried to other servers that an Avatar may visit. But, once the Avatar returns to the server again, their powers will return.

Every server is a world and every server has its own rules. Some Avatars decide to remain on a single server. Other Avatars like to keep their options open and travel far and wide between servers. Avatars have free will and they are free to do as they please.. as long they follow the rules.


They are not alone

Avatars are not the only inhabitants within the .Graveyard. There are others that will be explain on other posts.

The inferior NPC’s that do the work that no Avatar wants to do and the ones that make a world feel alive. They are a pity, much like willing A.I. slaves that don’t have the same advantages and intelligence as an Avatar.

The helpful Pixies, aiding new Avatars on how to dwell within the .Graveyard. Every adult Avatar looks back at those times with nostalgia. Teenage Avatars are encouraged to enjoy their time with their Pixies.. for they won’t last forever!

And lastly, the Admins, that rule over the .Graveyard. They are not Avatars but it is clear that their power over the .Graveyard is godly. Their personalities vary but it would be wise for an Avatar to not anger an Admin unless they want to be permanently eliminated from the .Graveyard!


So many Avatars, so many cultures.

Avatars are free to do what they want. But it’s clear that there are a few patterns, though many more exist:

The Nomads

The nomads are Avatars that just don’t settle for a single server. They are free spirits and wish to explore as much as they can. The reason to why may vary and they tend to be either extremely outgoing, having friends with them at all times or they can be quite the opposite, loners. If one invites an Avatar that fits into this category to join a server, they will be less likely to question your choice or even think twice about joining you.

The Natives

Opposite of a Nomad, the Natives are those that have found a place within a single server. The server is their home more than their own Private Server. Dedicated to the server they chosen, they tend to have more knowledge of it than the rest of the Avatars. They rarely leave their server of choice, wincing at the idea of going away from it for even a moment. However, they are not completely disconnected from the rest of the .Graveyard. In fact, most of them tend to enjoy the company of those that have traveled far and wide.. much like a host to their own cozy place within the server as they attend visitors.

The Roleplayers

There’s always an extreme side to everything. And even more extreme than a native is.. a roleplayer. These Avatars have taken a step further and have decided to willingly ignore or forget that there are other worlds but the one found on their server of choice. For these, there is no .Graveyard, only the world they live in. They are extremely dedicated to the world they are in that they fully embrace every mannerism, lore and lifestyle as if they were actually born and raised from it. They tend to be odd people to deal with, since if you tell them about the .Graveyard or the existence of other worlds.. they will question your sanity or, at worst, act aggressively towards you because you are breaking their immersion.

The Idols

Everyone needs an idol. Within the .Graveyard, idols come in many shapes and form. They have strong influence perhaps because of their charisma, their skills or the legends that surround the Avatar in question. They tend to lead groups of Avatars. Forming guilds, fan clubs or entire factions. They tend to be well known by a good number of Avatars. When an Avatar that fits this category is rebooted, they are usually given a platform to do a speech on New Year’s.

The Heroes

The Heroes are a breed of Idols that aspire to become Admins. They have become famous given how powerful they are and prolific within several servers. They are one of the best at what they do and their wish is to either be able to challenge an Admin (and win) or to become Admin themselves. Of course, it is impossible for an Avatar to beat an Admin. But these heroes keep challenging themselves and keep trying to find ways to achieve the impossible. Having someone within this category as a friend is a good way to reach far.

The Faction Loyalists

Some Avatars simply work better in large groups. Under a set of morals, rules, hierarchy created and maintained by fellow Avatars, the faction loyalists tend to be prideful of their own flag and do as much as they can do reach the goals and socialize with those that share the same views. Sometimes, they can be aggressive, depending on the faction they belong to. Sometimes, these factions tend to own entire servers.. which can prove difficult if an Avatar doesn’t belong to it and wishes to venture there either way.

The Theorists

Many theories exist within the .Graveyard as to why they are there, what is the meaning of life and if there’s anything beyond that. There are others that go a step further and try to find flaws within the .Graveyard. These are the people that tend to ask the why’s, the what’s, the how’s and the who’s. They can be very passionate and they do come up with interesting theories. But there are those that create a cult like mentality and they will grow easily paranoid. Some won’t shy away to manipulate other Avatars or even outright lie about their so called “evidences”. Or are those evidences true? Who knows.


These are a few things that can be shared about the Avatars. More information about the other types of inhabitants and even some details about the .Graveyard itself will be shared along the way.


.Graveyard Project Announcement


Hello everyone!

It is with certain pride that I announce that the .Graveyard Project has officially begun.  


With that said and done, perhaps it is best to explain what the project’s about for those that just stumbled upon this personal website of mine and noticed this very same .Graveyard logo. The project itself is a neat way to call a rather long season of preparations, changes and refinement of the setting and main story arc of the .Graveyard. A moment to reflect, to receive suggestions, ideas, criticism and so on in order to gather enough data to finally start working on the series of comics titled “.Graveyard”.

The icing of the cake during this project will be the Roleplay generated by the few Roleplayers that have been handpicked for the sole purpose of testing this setting and share their creativity for the world as well. To witness it, all you need to do is follow the link here (but, to see the Roleplay itself, you need to create an account on this website). For more information about how to bring your suggestions or just have a chance to introduce yourself and your interest, you are free to read this topic.


But, you may wonder, what is the .Graveyard setting itself about?

Though I won’t share all the information required to have a full grasp of the setting (specially when we are just at its infancy), you can rest assured that I’ll share a brief synopsis:

Humanity as come far along the years. Our ingenuity cannot be matched, terrifying at times. We surprise ourselves, our ideologies changing to better fit the discoveries we have made about the world that surround us.. and even the universe. In a world that continues to progress, certain theories and believes have been discarded and abandoned with grief. Much like an holy war, the same had to be done for the greater good in the centuries ahead. Organized religions and cults became a thing of the past and, the after match, lead entire civilizations to be renewed.

A few decades later, most societies reached a new age of enlightenment and prosperity. Free of religious influence, most rivalries between certain nations became obsolete. Though world peace was a mere pipe dream, nations competed among each other based on influence and control.. or even for economical reasons.

However, given that humanity had no answer for life beyond what it was, has lead to people who live in poverty to find new ways to distract themselves over their own issues. Some people wanted to feel happy in this only shot at life they ever had. They used forms of entertainment that were illegal, such as the ability to experience entire different lives from their own by the use of virtual simulators, a different experience where they could be anyone or anything they wanted. Wishing to feel the pleasure to being a spoiled millionaire or idol. To be beautiful and have everything they wanted. To have a partner. To be athletic and considered intelligent. The touch, the smell, the romance. It became a problem, for some people refused to face reality and preferred to live in their virtual fantasies where they could be and feel anything they wanted as if it was real.

To prevent humanity to fall under an imminent dystopia, the United Nations gathered a few of the most brilliant people from all over the world to find an answer for this epidemic. They came to the conclusion that the common people needed a form of hope, to keep them going and endure the harsh reality that is this universe. Their answer was not to destroy the same virtual reality that was available but, instead, to moderate it and make it available under certain conditions. Inspiring themselves over the very same religious beliefs of old, mythology, they developed a form of afterlife for any human that died, no matter of their background, would fall into. They called it .Graveyard (Dot Graveyard). For someone’s life doesn’t have to end after the final period. After the dot, the Graveyard awaits.

The .Graveyard is a complete network of servers that hosts several worlds based on fiction, novels, history, past and present that humanity has developed along the years. Those that died over the age of 12 would have their information uploaded to the .Graveyard and, from there, an Avatar based on the deceased would get to live forever and enjoy entire worlds on their behalf. They would had no prior knowledge of the real world nor the person they are based of. Only their personality would be maintained and programmed into the Avatar, even if they had no background connection to the deceased they were based of. Avatars would be able to meet other Avatars, to form friendships, to hop between servers and carve their own path freely. For the Avatar, the .Graveyard is reality. There is no other reality.

The rest is history and unknown, but the .Graveyard exists, hosting Avatars by the hundreds of billions. Plenty of servers to pick from and to hop from when they feel to do so. It keeps expanding and it doesn’t show signs that it will stop.


I hope that was enough to give an idea of what the .Graveyard is all about. A setting of settings, a world of worlds. The stories that will be told will always be from the Avatars point of view. More will be revealed with time. Be sure to visit this website as much as you can to keep yourself updated with the latest information. Registering an account here will be a good way to get notifications about it.