.Graveyard Project Announcement


Hello everyone!

It is with certain pride that I announce that the .Graveyard Project has officially begun.  


With that said and done, perhaps it is best to explain what the project’s about for those that just stumbled upon this personal website of mine and noticed this very same .Graveyard logo. The project itself is a neat way to call a rather long season of preparations, changes and refinement of the setting and main story arc of the .Graveyard. A moment to reflect, to receive suggestions, ideas, criticism and so on in order to gather enough data to finally start working on the series of comics titled “.Graveyard”.

The icing of the cake during this project will be the Roleplay generated by the few Roleplayers that have been handpicked for the sole purpose of testing this setting and share their creativity for the world as well. To witness it, all you need to do is follow the link here (but, to see the Roleplay itself, you need to create an account on this website). For more information about how to bring your suggestions or just have a chance to introduce yourself and your interest, you are free to read this topic.


But, you may wonder, what is the .Graveyard setting itself about?

Though I won’t share all the information required to have a full grasp of the setting (specially when we are just at its infancy), you can rest assured that I’ll share a brief synopsis:

Humanity as come far along the years. Our ingenuity cannot be matched, terrifying at times. We surprise ourselves, our ideologies changing to better fit the discoveries we have made about the world that surround us.. and even the universe. In a world that continues to progress, certain theories and believes have been discarded and abandoned with grief. Much like an holy war, the same had to be done for the greater good in the centuries ahead. Organized religions and cults became a thing of the past and, the after match, lead entire civilizations to be renewed.

A few decades later, most societies reached a new age of enlightenment and prosperity. Free of religious influence, most rivalries between certain nations became obsolete. Though world peace was a mere pipe dream, nations competed among each other based on influence and control.. or even for economical reasons.

However, given that humanity had no answer for life beyond what it was, has lead to people who live in poverty to find new ways to distract themselves over their own issues. Some people wanted to feel happy in this only shot at life they ever had. They used forms of entertainment that were illegal, such as the ability to experience entire different lives from their own by the use of virtual simulators, a different experience where they could be anyone or anything they wanted. Wishing to feel the pleasure to being a spoiled millionaire or idol. To be beautiful and have everything they wanted. To have a partner. To be athletic and considered intelligent. The touch, the smell, the romance. It became a problem, for some people refused to face reality and preferred to live in their virtual fantasies where they could be and feel anything they wanted as if it was real.

To prevent humanity to fall under an imminent dystopia, the United Nations gathered a few of the most brilliant people from all over the world to find an answer for this epidemic. They came to the conclusion that the common people needed a form of hope, to keep them going and endure the harsh reality that is this universe. Their answer was not to destroy the same virtual reality that was available but, instead, to moderate it and make it available under certain conditions. Inspiring themselves over the very same religious beliefs of old, mythology, they developed a form of afterlife for any human that died, no matter of their background, would fall into. They called it .Graveyard (Dot Graveyard). For someone’s life doesn’t have to end after the final period. After the dot, the Graveyard awaits.

The .Graveyard is a complete network of servers that hosts several worlds based on fiction, novels, history, past and present that humanity has developed along the years. Those that died over the age of 12 would have their information uploaded to the .Graveyard and, from there, an Avatar based on the deceased would get to live forever and enjoy entire worlds on their behalf. They would had no prior knowledge of the real world nor the person they are based of. Only their personality would be maintained and programmed into the Avatar, even if they had no background connection to the deceased they were based of. Avatars would be able to meet other Avatars, to form friendships, to hop between servers and carve their own path freely. For the Avatar, the .Graveyard is reality. There is no other reality.

The rest is history and unknown, but the .Graveyard exists, hosting Avatars by the hundreds of billions. Plenty of servers to pick from and to hop from when they feel to do so. It keeps expanding and it doesn’t show signs that it will stop.


I hope that was enough to give an idea of what the .Graveyard is all about. A setting of settings, a world of worlds. The stories that will be told will always be from the Avatars point of view. More will be revealed with time. Be sure to visit this website as much as you can to keep yourself updated with the latest information. Registering an account here will be a good way to get notifications about it.