(Para quem não sabe ler Inglês, a versão em Português encontra-se no final.)   ENGLISH   Dear brothers and sisters in faith, I am writing this open letter to you, filled with emotion, to express my deepest appreciation for everything that Watchtower has provided us. But, what the fuck? Are you serious? Are you kidding […]

  (How basic can you get with a featured image?) Good evening! This is an improvised blog post, in order for those that visit my website, learn of the major news I have to share about the future of my content. Specifically, my drawings!   As you are aware, I drew almost nothing during this […]

  (Para quem não sabe ler Inglês, a versão em Português encontra-se no final. Não se habituem!)   ENGLISH   Yeah… I could easily make a Portuguese option for this website or make two separate blog posts, one for each language. But, to be completely fair, I believe both sides benefit from having these new blog series […]

  Good day everyone! This is obviously a very professional review and completely non biased (and not just a Pokémon fan since Pokémon Red and Blue back when she was 8 years old in 1998 and that hasn’t stopped playing these games). I personally should do more of these types of reviews on certain games that I […]

  Hello Everyone! As I’ve posted on my twitter and facebook, I have hinted that I’m working on a teaser for the project I’m working on! It’s still going to take a while until it’s finished but.. I’m proud of this one. I really am, though I do give credit to any true animator out […]

  This list of words and expressions will be updated slowly and along the way. Be sure to visit this post when you hear a word or expression that you are not entirely sure what it means. Use CTRL+F (or whatever shortcut or menu option you may have to search for certain keywords) to find […]

  Eh, lazy pictures aside, this is a small story.   Inside the cleanest and purest of rooms painted in white, with a floor just as indistinguishable, no door and window can be seen within. Such a mysterious wide, intimidating and spacious cliche on which ears and eyes cannot listen or wonder the uncomfortable truth. The Flawless […]

  Okay, I’m actually proud of this picture, haha! Good Afternoon…   Yes, it happened. People are shaking in fear and rioting over a rotten orange. Everyone all over the world suddenly has an opinion about what just happened. Now everyone’s an expert in politics and knows exactly what happened. Are you shaking while you […]

  “The .Graveyard is a complete network of servers that hosts several worlds based on fiction, novels, history, past and present that humanity has developed along the years.” – quoted from the .Graveyard Project Announcement post. “Ancient Egypt, cyberpunk, horror, fantasy, dark ages, steampunk, gothic, space, fiction, future, present, past, what is, what isn’t real, what was once reality. If […]

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